Affiliates MS

Affiliates MS is a solution to maintain a centralized affiliate program for a WordPress Network of sites.


The typical scenario comprises a WordPress Network of sites where one of the sites runs an e-commerce solution along with an affiliate program. In other words, several sites in a network, one site running a shop and affiliate program.

This setup is based on an e-commerce solution installed on one of the sites in the network. We call this the target site.

The Affiliates system and its integration with the shop or membership solution must also be installed on the target site.

When an affiliate refers a visitor to any of the sites in the network and makes a purchase on the target site, we want to credit the affiliate with a referral. This is where Affiliates MS comes into play.


  1. Install and activate the Affiliates, Affiliates Pro or Affiliates Enterprise plugin on the site where your shop resides. This must be one of the sites available under My Sites > Network Admin > Sites.Visit the Dashboard of the target site and go to Plugins > Add New to install and activate the plugin.Also install and activate the appropriate integration plugin there. For more details, please refer to the documentation for your integration.
  2. Install and network activate Affiliates MS.Visit My Sites > Network Admin > Dashboard and go to Plugins > Add New to network install and activate the plugin.


  • Choose the target site.Visit My Sites > Network Admin > Dashboard and go to Affiliates MS.Select the target siteEnabled should be checked for the target site to process hits and click Save.

Affiliates Target Site

Important Notes

  • AffiliatesAffiliates Pro or Affiliates Enterprise must be enabled on the selected target site.It is not necessary to network activate the Affiliates, Affiliates Pro or Affiliates Enterprise plugin. Only install and activate it on the target site.
  • The referring affiliate must exist on the target site and the appropriate affiliate ID must be provided in the affiliate link, so that a hit is properly recognized on the target site.
  • Referrals are recorded on the target site, only if an integration is activated there. Make sure to activate the appropriate integration for your shop or membership solution on the target site.
  • If one of the Affiliates plugins is enabled on a site in the network other than the target site, the affiliate system will work independently there. This is not recommended.