FORMIDABLEThis plugin integrates Affiliates Pro with Formidable Forms and Formidable Pro.

The applications of this integration range from simply recording and tracking form submission data to paying affiliated partners commissions on leads or successful purchases. Clients can be traced back to the referring affiliate, team members can be notified when new form submissions have been received thanks to the integrated notifications features of Affiliates Pro.

Formidable forms are used to gather data which is stored in the form of referrals.



Data storage & referrals

This integration stores data from submitted forms and tracks form submissions to the referring affiliate.

Submissions through one or more forms handled by Formidable Forms/Pro can generate referrals. This integration can generate referrals for all forms, restrict it to selected forms or exclude certain forms.

Form data

All submitted form data is stored and can be viewed on the administrative back end along with each referral. All or parts of submitted form data can be provided in notification emails to affiliates. Form data can also be displayed on the front through referral stats. This allows to display selected pieces of information for example to affiliates or sales team members.

Flexible referral amounts and currencies

Formidable forms can generate referrals with fixed amounts, rate-based amounts or based on custom methods. Forms can provide fixed referral amount or base amounts for rate calculations. Multi-currency systems are supported by Affiliates Pro and forms can provide different currencies in each submission.


Notifications with Affiliates Pro allow to inform the site administrator and affiliates about submitted forms.

Upon each form submission, this integration can send notification emails to the site admin as well as to the referring affiliate. Affiliate notification emails for affiliates are customizable and can include information provided in submitted forms.

The form field keys can be used as tokens in notifications where the field key token is replaced by the submitted form field’s data.

Application Suggestions

Lead tracking

Sales leads who submit a form managed through Affiliates Pro for Formidable Forms and Formidable Pro can be tracked down to the referring affiliate, so that commissions for offline or online sales can be credited to the affiliate. If desired, commissions that are determined upon form submission will appear as referral amounts along with each referral.


Sales and support teams can use Affiliates Pro for Formidable Forms and Formidable Pro to delegate sales and support requests to the right team members. Create an affiliate account for each team member and use affiliate links to direct requests to each.


The plugin adds a new menu item Affiliates > Formidable where details on the supported features and instructions are provided.