ecwid logoThis plugin integrates Affiliates with Ecwid.

The Affiliates Ecwid Light integration plugin credit the affiliates with referrals automatically after a customer has made a purchase through the online store powered by Ecwid.


▪ An Ecwid account with Order API and Instant Order Notifications API access enabled – this will not work with free accounts.
▪  Affiliates
▪  Affiliates Ecwid Integration Light

Install these, set up your shop, decide how much you want to pay your affiliates and start selling.

When a sale is made through Ecwid, a referral is recorded for the affiliate that referred the sale.


To install and activate the plugin go to Affiliates > Settings > Integrations.

ecwid light


Go to Affiliates > Ecwid Light where you will provide your Store ID and Order API secret key.

Store ID – You will find your Store ID on your Ecwid Control Panel in the Account Summary box:


Order API secret key – You will find this key on your Ecwid Control Panel under System Settings > Apps > Legacy API keys – If you do not see this menu, please visit this direct link


Ecwid Legacy API keys

Click the heading and you will find your Order API secret key there.

Ecwid Order API secret key

Input your Store ID and Order API secret key in the fields provided for that purpose on your WordPress Dashboard under Affiliates > Ecwid Light

Ecwid Settings

Now copy the ION Cannon endpoint URL which is provided under Affiliates > Ecwid Light

Ecwid ION

Paste the complete URL in the field ION Cannon endpoint URL provided under System Settings > Apps > Legacy API keys:

Ecwid CP ION

Test the ION endpoint by clicking the test link which opens up a dialog box where you need to click a button labeled Test – “Test performed successfully” should be displayed in the dialog.

To set the commission rate for your affiliates go to Affiliates > Ecwid Light and set the rate in the section Referral Rate.

Example: If you want to give an affiliate 10% of each net total sales amount, set the rate to 0.1.

To fully test your installation, follow the procedure outlined below. Please note that this assumes that you have embedded your store on your website using Ecwid’s code as provided on the Ecwid control panel.

  1. Create a new affiliate under Affiliates > Manage Affiliates > New Affiliate.
  2. Open a different browser and visit the affiliate’s link.
  3. Now place an order in your store.
  4. You should see that a new referral has been created under Affiliates > Referrals.

The Light integration does not synchronize the order and referral status. This and other features are provided as a part of the advanced integration available with Affiliates Pro and Affiliates Enterprise. Multi-tier affiliate programs and campaigns are supported with Affiliates Enterprise.