Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 14.12.56This plugin integrates Affiliates with eShop.  Affiliates allows you to maintain your own affiliate program to boost sales through your eShop online store.

With this Affiliates eShop Light integration plugin, referrals are created automatically for your affiliates when sales are made through eShop.

Whenever an affiliate refers a client to your store and the client makes a purchase, you will see a referral created for the affiliate.


▪  eShop
▪  Affiliates
▪  Affiliates eShop Integration Light

Install these, set up your shop, set the referral rate for affiliates and distribute your affiliates their affiliate links.

When a sale is made through eShop, a referral is recorded for the affiliate that referred the sale.


To install and activate the plugin go to Affiliates > Settings > Integrations

eshop light


To set the referral rate for your affiliates go to Affiliates > eShop Integration Light and set the rate there.

Example: If you want to give an affiliate 10% commission of each net total sales amount, set the referral rate to 0.1.

Referrals created automatically for sales – Each referral is linked to its order.