This section provides accumulated totals per affiliate and time period, prepared to handle affiliate payments and mark paid referrals in bulk.

Affiliates Totals filters

Closing paid referrals in bulk.

To mark all the referrals as paid go to Affiliates > Totals.

1)Adjust the filter settings according to filter criteria.

2)Use these filters to obtain the totals:

  • Referral status : Shows totals for referrals with that status – you will usually set this to Accepted so that only referrals that are pending payment are taken into account.
  • Currency : Only referrals in that currency are taken into account.
  • From / Until : Restricts the results to those that are valid within the given dates. One or both options can be used.
  • Affiliate Status : Restricts the results to those affiliates that are Active, Pending, Deleted. If none of these is selected, then totals will be obtained for all your affiliates’ referrals.

3) Click the Close Referrals button.

Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 20.00.19

Confirm by clicking the Close Referrals button.

Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 20.01.09

This means that the referrals have been paid to the affiliate, the affiliate can usually see this referral and it will be taken into account when presenting affiliates their paid total.

Affiliates Pro and Affiliates Enterprise allows export features and additional filters to process mass payments and generate CSV reports on totals by time period, etc.