WPML.orgWidgets Control’s integration with WPML to support languages is versatile and simple to use.

It allows you to easily display or hide the right widget or sidebar per language, or for a set of languages by indicating the two-letter language code with the language token. Here’s an example for the English language:


Based on the visibility option chosen, a widget or sidebar can be made to appear for:

  • All languages.
  • The indicated language(s).
  • All languages except the indicated language(s).

Widgets Control is also compatible with the WPML language selector widget.

For example, if you want to restrict a certain widget to appear only when the German language is displayed, use the Visibility option Show only on these pages and in the Conditions use:


You can also indicate several languages. For example, to display or hide a widget or sidebar for English, German and Spanish, use the following condition token:


Here is a short video that shows how it’s done.

Widgets Control Language Conditions