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Basic configuration options are available from Affiliate > Keywords.

Keywords can be substituted with links automatically anywhere they appear in the content of the site.


 Create a keyword

1) Select the New Keyword option;

2) Enter the desired keyword on the Add New Keyword screen;

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3) Target URL for the link that should substitute the keyword;

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Keywords that are enabled will be susbtituted automatically.


With a set of active keywords …


… a simple text like …

Example Text containing Keywords

… is displayed with keywords substituted by links:

Keywords substituted automatically

Keyword Options

Screen Shot 2015-03-20 at 11.32.34Enabled: If a keyword is enabled and a URL is given, the keyword will be replaced by a link pointing to the URL. This option is enabled by default.

Match Case: If this case-sensitive is enabled, replacement will be done only if the keyword is matched exactly in case.

If this option is disabled, a case-insensitive comparison is used, so that a keyword like “dog food” would be matched by “Dog Food”, “Dog food”, “dog Food”, “doG fooD”, “dOg FoOd”, etc.


Edit a keyword

1) Access your keywords list;


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2) Choose the keyword you want to modify;

3) Hit the Edit button;

4) Modify the URL or the keyword options.

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