Affiliates By Username

Usernames in Affiliate Links

This WordPress plugin is an extension to the Affiliates plugins and allows affiliate links to indicate usernames in addition to the affiliate IDs used normally.

The plugin provides the [affiliates_by_username] shortcode that converts affiliate links by substituting the affiliate ID with the username.

To obtain the plugin please visit the shop page Affiliates by Username.


Go to Plugins > Add New > Upload and upload the plugin file. Activate the plugin – make sure that the requirements are met, see below.


Simply install and activate the plugin. Any affiliate account with an associated user can now use affiliate links that indicate the username instead of the affiliate ID.

Use the [affiliates_by_username] shortcode to wrap affiliate links that should provide the username instead of the affiliate ID.


Assuming the user billy has an affiliate account on the site, billy‘s affiliate links normally indicate the affiliate ID, for example With the plugin enabled, the username can be indicated instead:


Shortcode usage

To render affiliate links based on the username, wrap the shortcodes as shown in these examples:




In case there is more than one affiliate entry associated to the username, the first entry is taken into account.