Please refer to the included documentation* for features and options directly related to WunderSlider.

*You will find detailed information in the PDF in the documentation folder.

WunderSlider Gallery

The WunderSlider Gallery WordPress plugin provides an automated way to convert any standard WordPress gallery that is embedded on a page using the shortcode into a WunderSlider.

WunderSlider Gallery also supports NextGEN Gallery to embed any gallery as a WunderSlider.

To set up WunderSlider for use with standard WordPress galleries or NextGEN galleries, go to Appearance > WunderSlider Gallery.

WordPress Galleries

 Shortcode attributes :

  • The size attribute uses full by default. Set it to another size if you don’t need the full image size.Default sizes are thumbnail, medium, large and full.
  • WunderSlider attributes that use a dash in the attribute name must be used with an underscore instead when passed to the shortcode. If used, container-class, container-style, container-height and container-width must be passed as container_class, container_style, container_height and container_width to the shortcode. This is especially important when the display=”proportional” setting is used, as you will have to provide the container width and height explicitly.Example:
  • If you do not want the WunderSlider applied to a specific gallery, you must add the wunderslider=”false” attribute, for example:
  • If you want to render a gallery from a different post or page, specify the id attribute and provide the post’s ID:

You can link the images displayed to the original images, so that when you click on an image displayed, it takes you to that image. The linkurls attribute is used for that but requires two additional parameters to be set as well:

NextGEN Galleries

Any NextGEN gallery can be rendered as a WunderSlider using the [wunderslider_nggallery] shortcode or by enabling defaults for NextGEN Gallery shortcodes in the Appearance > WunderSlider Gallery settings.


[wunderslider_nggallery id="123"] will render a WunderSlider for the NextGEN gallery with ID 123.

The [nggallery] shortcode can be rendered as a WunderSlider by either enabling it by default or by specifying:

[nggallery id="123" wunderslider="true"]

For this to take effect, the option to handle NextGEN Gallery shortcodes must be enabled on the settings page Appearance > WunderSlider Gallery.

As with the shortcode, any WunderSlider attributes can be passed to [wunderslider_nggallery] or [nggallery] – those that use a dash in the attribute name must be used with an underscore instead: container-class, container-style, container-height and container-width must be passed as container_class, container_style, container_height and container_width.


  • [wunderslider_nggallery id="1" container_width="80%" container_height="300px" display="proportional"]
  • [nggallery id="1" wunderslider="true" container_width="80%" container_height="300px" display="proportional"]