Events Manager

Events Manager, a Fully featured event registration management including recurring events, locations management, calendar, Google map integration, booking management.

EVENTSMANAGEMENTThis plugin integrates Affiliates Enterprise with the Events Manager Wordpress plugin and Events Manager Pro.

To set up automatic payments the Events Manager Pro is required.


The integration is basically setup-free, just make sure to have at least a general rate defined in the Rates section so that commissions are calculated appropriately.

Event rates

You can set highly flexible referral rates for events with advanced options. Please refer to the Rates section for details.

Integration-specific Settings

To review the integration-specific settings for Events Manager, go to Affiliates > Events Manager Integration on your WordPress dashboard where you will find settings related to synchronisation and recurring referrals.

Auto-adjustments of referrals

This section offers settings related to the synchronisation of Events bookings and referrals.

The default referral status as determined in Settings applies unless the following are enabled:

  • Auto-adjust referral status when a booking is cancelled.
  • Auto-adjust referral status when a booking is approved.
  • Auto-adjust referral status when a booking is rejected.
  • Auto-adjust referral status when a booking is put awaiting approval.
  • Auto-adjust referral status when a booking is set to awaiting payment.
  • Auto-adjust referral status when a booking is refunded.

Recurring Referrals

Affiliates Events Manager integration supports recurring referrals for recurring events.

Affiliates EM integration, recurring referrals

The option can be enabled under Affiliates > Events Manager.

If there is an accepted referral for an event recurrence, subsequent referrals for any of this event’s recurrencies will be granted to the same affiliate. This setting will apply for all the referrals recorded within the time-frame set in Limit/Timeout option.

Referred Bookings

The integration records referrals and essential booking data for referred Bookings automatically. The Referrals can be found under Affiliates > Referrals.

Events Referral

The Booking Referral data for an Event consist of:

  • Booking id – the id of the new Booking
  • Booking Total – the booking price without taxes
  • Currency – the currency of the transaction
  • View – an internal link to the Booking record in Events Manager plugin settings.


Coupons used in Events Manager Pro are fully compatible with Affiliates Pro and Affiliates Events Manager integration. A Coupon code used as an affiliate attribute will grant the respective affiliate with a referral, whenever this coupon code is applied for a new booking on checkout.

Additional information on how to set coupons as affiliates attributes can be found here.


Note on Events Manager Pro:

The premium version of Events Manager integrates with WooCommerce. For those sites using this method for bookings checkout, you can keep track of referred bookings using either Affiliates Events Manager or Affiliates WooCommerce integration, but not both. When both integrations are active at the same time, there will be duplicate referrals recorded for the same booking.