Pixel Tracking

Pixel-based tracking allows affiliates to refer customers without the need for them to click an affiliate link. By placing the tracking pixel on a site, the affiliate can automatically register hits from visitors who simply view the page on which the tracking pixel is placed.

We support two types of tracking pixels: image and iframe.

Once a visitor views a page where the tracking pixel is placed, a cookie is placed in the visitor’s browser which identifies the affiliate as the referrer. If a transaction that can produce a referral is later processed, the transaction is credited to the referring affiliate.

To show affiliates the image or iframe tracking pixel they can use, we use a shortcode which can be added to the affiliate area or any other page. The [affiliates_pixel] shortcode renders the HTML code that affiliates will use to place a tracking pixel. Please refer to the [affiliates_pixel] shortcode documentation page for details and examples.