User Registration

Under Affiliates > User Registration you can enable the built-in User Registration integration which allows to grant commissions to affiliates when they refer new users.

To grant commissions on referred users, enable the user registration integration.

Enable user registration integration

To grant commissions on referred customers, you can enable the WooCommerce customer registration integration.

Enable WooCommerce customer registration integration

Please note that only one of these options should be checked. If both options are checked and a customer is referred, it may yield two referrals instead of one for the same referred customer. You want to Enable the user registration integration if you want to grant referrals on any referred new user account. If you only want to grant referrals to referred customers, then you only Enable the WooCommerce customer registration integration.

If you choose to Enable the WooCommerce customer registration integration, make sure that you actually allow customers to create an account during checkout. The system will not record any referrals for orders placed without an account. You will find the corresponding settings under WooCommerce > Settings > Accounts & Privacy > Account creation.

Commissions for referred users can be calculated based on referral rates and the Base Amount or using a fixed Amount.

Base AmountBase Amount: If this amount is set, the commission for referring a new user is calculated by multiplying the applicable referral rate by this amount. This is also useful if you are using Rates in general or for individual affiliates.

AmountAmount: If this amount is set, it is used to grant a fixed commission for referred users. Your affiliate will earn this amount when she or he refers a new user.

When both values are detailed, the Base Amount takes precedence over the Amount.

CurrencyCurrency: Select the currency for the user referral commission.

Example: If you decide to grant an affiliate 1$ per referral, the Amount should read “1” and the Currency should read “USD”

Affiliates User Registration Integration - Referral StatusReferral Status: The commissions per referral will be recorded with the chosen status. We recommend the use of the following statuses:

  • Accepted: if these referrals should grant payable commissions to affiliates without the need for further review.
  • Pending: if these referrals are to be reviewed before the commissions should be taken into account for affiliate payouts.