Shows the registration fields and allows the affiliate to modify them (except the username).

This shortcode allows the use of the following attributes:

  • edit: Default to “yes”, allows to determine whether the field values can be modified by the affiliate or not.
  • name: Allows to indicate which fields will appear. If used, only the indicated fields will appear and in the order given. To identify a field, the field key must be given. Example: first_name, last_name, password
[affiliates_fields edit="no"] 

The affiliate cannot edit the field values, otherwise the form is intended for affiliates to be able to maintain their information up-to-date

[affiliates_fields edit="no" name="user_login, user_email, password"] 

This reduces the fields rendered to the set of fields listed (user_login, user_email, password)


Useful example to embed on your page for affiliates already logged in:


Welcome to your affiliate area. here you can find information about your affiliate link and earnings.

Affiliate Information


Your page will show:

Affiliate Area Fields

See the Settings > Registration > Affiliates Registration Form option to adjust the registration fields.