The [groups_login] shortcode renders a login form.

This shortcode allows the use of the following attributes:

  • redirect defaults to the current URL and will redirect to the given page after successful login.
  • show_logout defaults to "no" and if set to "yes" will present a logout link in place of the login form when the user is logged in.


Let’s assume that you want to grant access only to members of the Advanced group.

  1. Create a page without restrictions as the main page for your members.
  2. Place these shortcodes:


[groups_member group="Registered"]
[groups_non_member group="Advanced"]
Access is granted only to members of the Advanced group

[groups_member group="Advanced"]
Only members of the Advanced group can see this.
Members page 1 link
Members page 2 link

Only logged in users, who are members of the Advanced group will be able to see links to Members page 1 and 2. These pages should also be restricted with the Advanced group’s capability (advanced).

Remember: Groups uses the user records that are available on your site, it doesn’t keep a different set of users.