• Support for Subscriptions is to be considered in beta/experimental stage. This is mainly due to the fact that subscription expirations are based on incoming IPNs and that these do not necessarily correspond to the actual end of term of a subscription. If you consider creating a subscription membership solution based on Groups, we recommend to use our Groups WooCommerce extension which fully supports WooCommerce Subscriptions.
  • PayPal Pro subscriptions are not recognized as expired.
  • The PayPal Payments Pro gateway is not ‘officially’ supported as exhaustive testing has yet to be performed with this extension using the gateway.

Groups managed by other Extensions

It is important to note that groups which are handled by other extensions should normally not be handled through this extension. For example, if users are assigned to a group based on a WooCommerce product purchase handled by our Groups WooCommerce extension, they should not also be assigned or removed based on form submissions or payments handled through this integration, as that could result in inconsistencies in group memberships.