Widgets Control Pro

Widgets Control Pro is the premium version of the free Widgets Control plugin for WordPress (please try it out if you haven’t already!). It provides even more advanced visibility features for widgets, sidebars, sections of content and content blocks.Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 13.04.06

Widgets Control Pro allows to show widgets, sidebars, sections within the content of your pages and content blocks based on flexible conditions – you can choose to show them only on certain pages or exclude them from being displayed, using conditions related to pages and page hierarchies, categories and other taxonomies, post types, roles, groups and authors, languages and combinations of all those conditions with advanced logic that also supports exclusions.

This tool allows to show widgets and sidebars based on conditions and you can choose to show them only on certain pages or exclude them from being displayed. An ample set of conditions can be used to display sections of content on a page as required. You can freely define WYSIWYG Content Blocks that are available for use in any sidebar and which can also be embedded in your content using shortcodes.

The plugin also allows to target mobile, tablet and desktop users, so that pieces of content are shown or hidden on small, medium or large screens.

Widgets Control Pro also provides additional sidebar features. You can define any number of custom sidebars and have them automatically placed, based on common locations such as before or after the page content, relative to menus or other sidebars. It also provides an additional shortcode that allows to embed them on any page.

This tool also complements your site with the powerful membership and access control features provided by the Groups plugin. It allows to use conditions based on group memberships.

If you would like to try many of the powerful features before deciding to use this premium version, we recommend to install Widgets Control first, this is the free version of this plugin for WordPress which offers a similar but reduced set of features.


Widgets Control Pro currently requires Classic Widgets to maintain compatibility with widgets in WordPress 5.8 and above. It is currently not integrated with the new Block Widgets Editor.