Categories and other Taxonomies


Use the following tokens that identify certain pages or sets of pages on your site:

  • [category] – Category pages in general.
  • [category:xyz] – A specific category.


  • [tag] – A tag archive page.
  • [tag:xyz] – A specific tag archive page.

Taxonomies in General

  • [has_term:term:taxonomy] – For pages related to a taxonomy term. For example, assuming a category News, indicating [has_term:News:category] will apply to posts that belong to the News category. For product categories in WooCommerce, another example could be [has_term:Fruit:product_cat] to use as a condition for products that belong to the Fruit product category. For conditions based on product tags, one could use [has_term:cherry:product_tag] for products that are tagged with cherry.
  • [tax] – A taxonomy archive page, including category and tag archives.
  • [tax:taxonomy] – A specific taxonomy archive page. Multiple taxonomies separated by comma can be given.
    For example,  [tax:category,tag] would fit any category or tag archive page and [tax:product_cat,product_tag] would represent a condition for any WooCommerce product category archive or product tag archive.
  • [tax:taxonomy:term] – The archive page of a specific term in a taxonomy. Multiple taxonomies and terms can be given, separated by comma.
    For example, [tax:tag,product_tag:red,green,blue] would fit any tag or WooCommerce product tag archive page for the tags red, green or blue.