Post types

Conditions based on the viewed post type. Display or hide a widget by post type using the following token:

  • [type:xyz] – Shows/Hide a specific post type.

For example, to show a widget only on pages use [type:page].

You can select one or more post types separated by comma:

  • [type:post,product]

You can also indicate one or more entries, each on a line by itself:

  • [type:post]


Show or hide widgets for archive pages of a specific post type using these tokens:

  • [archive] – Any archive page.
  • [archive:xyz] – An archive page of a specific post type.

For example, [archive:product] can be used to show widgets for the WooCommerce shop page and product archives only.

You can select one or more archives for post types separated by comma. For example, to show or hide a widget on post, product and event archives, use:

  • [archive:post,product,event]