Shows information about affiliates who are related by referral (tiers).

Basic usage: [affiliates_tiers] renders the affiliates who have been referred directly or indirectly by the current affiliate.


  • link_to_user_url – links to the affiliate user if set to "yes", defaults to  "no"
  • show_depth_title – show a title labeling the current depth in the tier tree, defaults to "no", use "yes"
  • depth_title – defaults to "Depth %d"%d is the placeholder used to display the current depth (a number)
  • show_avatar – show the avatar, default "yes"
  • avatar_size – in pixels, default 32
  • style – inline styles to apply
  • max_depth – allows to limit tiers shown up to a certain depth, number
  • show_from_date – show when the affiliate joined, default "no", uses since to display
  • show_thru_date – show when the affiliate is not active anymore, default "no", uses untilto display
  • since – label, default since %s where %s is the date placeholder
  • until – label, default "until %s"
  • show_email – default "no"
  • before_referrals – text shown before a tier’s referral summary
  • after_referrals – text shown after a tier’s referral summary
  • closed – whether to include closed referrals in sum, default "yes"
  • accepted – include accepted referrals, default "yes"
  • pending – include pending referrals, default "no"
  • rejected – include rejected referrals, default "no"