Alleged Optimization Plugins

Experience has shown that many alleged optimization plugins rather break sites instead of optimizing them.

Such plugins interfere with appropriate functionality and can cause a variety of issues. They can cause failure to load needed resources or even go as far as to modify or delete essential parts of the database.

It is strongly recommended to avoid any kind of optimizations or modifications regarding database tables and database entries created by the system and any of the official add-ons.

Modifying the database either manually or through any third-party optimization-oriented plugin can break the database, resulting in unexpected behavior for your site, including plugin malfunction and loss of data.

Database optimizations belong to the realm of expert database administrators who know what they are doing. Please note that any modifications to your database are the sole responsibility of your site’s administrators and the utmost care must be observed in taking any modifications to production.

We recommend to avoid using the following and similar plugins, as they can cause loss of functionality and loss of data:

  • Autoptimize
  • Plugin Organizer
  • WP Optimize