The Affiliates > Totals section provides an overview of total referral amounts by affiliate, functions to handle mass payments and to close referrals according to payouts.

Affiliates Totals - Control buttons


This option generates reports on totals by time period, etc. The current totals listing is exported to a *.txt file.

Close Referrals and Payments

Affiliates Totals Filters

The main functions provided to handle payments are:

  1. Export the current listing to a file
  2. Generate a Mass Payment File to handle payments
  3. Close Referrals to mark them as paid

These are usually used in order, where you either Export the listing or use the Mass Payment File to handle the payments and then Close Referrals to mark them as paid: 1. obtain a file that allows to make summarized payments pending for referral amounts to each affiliate and 2. to mark the corresponding referrals as closed indicating that the related payments have been made.

The procedure will usually involve:

  1. Adjust the filter settings to display totals for accepted referrals that have not yet been paid out.
  2. Generate the payment file and make the payments.
  3. Close the referrals that have been paid.

To get an overview of total referrals amount by affiliate, go to Affiliates > Totals and adjust the filter settings according to filter criteria.

Use these filters to obtain the totals:

  • Referral status : Shows totals for referrals with that status – you will usually set this to Accepted so that only referrals that are pending payment are taken into account.
  • Minimum Total : Lists only those totals that sum up to or exceed a minimum amount – this is useful if you pay your affiliates only after they have accumulated a minimum amount of commissions.
  • Currency : Only referrals in that currency are taken into account.
  • Affiliate Id : Only referrals related to the corresponding affiliate are taken into account.
  • Affiliate Name : Only referrals for affiliates whose name is similar are considered.
  • Affiliate Username : Only referrals for affiliates whose username is similar are considered.
  • From / Until : Restricts the results to those that are valid within the given dates. One or both options can be used.
  • Affiliate Status : Restricts the results to those affiliates that are Active, Pending, Deleted. If none of these is selected, then totals will be obtained for all your affiliates’ referrals.

Click Apply to obtain results according to the desired filter settings.

To reset filters click Clear.

Example – How to pay affiliates their pending commissions up to a given day, whose total amounts are at least 100 US$ :

  1. Go to Affiliates > Totals and set Referral Status to Accepted.
  2. Set the Minimum Total to 100.
  3. Set the Currency to USD.
  4. Set the Until date to the last day for which referrals should be taken into account, for example : if you pay commissions on a monthly basis, this would be the last day of the previous month.
  5. Click Apply.
  6. Click Mass Payment File.
  7. Make your payments manually or in bulk. Bulk payments can be processed via PayPal* or another payment processor that accepts mass payments, using the file obtained in the preceding step.
  8. Click Close Referrals.
  9. Verify that the referrals shown are correct.
  10. Confirm by clicking Close Referrals.

* If you are using PayPal and want to make a Mass Payment: If the extension of the file obtained is .tsv you must change that to .txt, otherwise PayPal may issue an error during the Mass Payment process  saying that the uploaded file type cannot be processed.

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