Some plugins and setups can cause conflicts.

  • Anti-Spam* and Caching can interfere with the system’s ability to correctly recognize affiliate links. Usually, URLs that represent incoming affiliate links should be excluded from caching. Often this implies that URLs with parameters should not be cached or more ideally, URLs that carry the Affiliates system’s URL parameter should not be cached.
  • The functionality of registration forms can be affected by some caching systems, we especially recommend to exclude registration pages from caching and to disable caching for users that are logged in.
  • Ad Blockers. used in browsers can misinterpret pages you view when you work with your site’s affiliate links or banners. Disable your Ad Blocker temporarily or add an exception in its settings for the site.
  • Purported optimization plugins most often rather break sites instead of optimizing them. These plugins interfere inappropriately and can cause a colorful variety of baffling issues – they can cause failure to load needed resources, modify or even delete parts of the database. They can cause loss of functionality or even loss of data and should be avoided.

* We recommend to use the following free alternatives to protect from registration spam:

Affiliates ReCaptcha and Affiliates Captcha.

Known Issues and Solutions