Creates various diagrams for affiliates.

Example: [affiliates_affiliate_graph interval="year"]


Performance graphs for affiliates on the front end are shown with the [affiliates_affiliate_graph] shortcode. By embedding the shortcode in the affiliate area, a combined diagram for all data or for individual sets can be shown. This includes data about hits and visits to the affiliate’s link as well as referrals.

Shortcode Attributes

  • days_back – (optional) shows data for the number of days given up to today
  • interval – (optional) shows data for the given interval, accepted values are month and year
  • legend – (optional) whether the legend should be shown on the diagram or not, accepted values are true (default) and false
  • render – (optional) what data shall be shown, accepted values are
    • graph (default) to show all data sets
    • hits to show hits on the affiliate’s links
    • visits to show individual visits on the affiliate’s links
    • referrals to show all sets of referrals including accepted, closed, pending and rejected referrals
    • accepted to show accepted referrals
    • closed to show closed referrals (marked as paid)
    • pending to show referrals pending acceptance
    • rejected to show referrals that have been rejected


Showing a graph for all data and the current month

Embed this shortcode on a page:

[affiliates_affiliate_graph interval="month"]

This diagram shows that the affiliate has not produced any referrals for the current month yet.

Graph all data for the current year

Embed this shortcode where the graph shall appear:

[affiliates_affiliate_graph interval="year"]

This diagram shows four referrals that have been accepted for the affiliate along with hits and visits.