This shortcode renders one or more banners along with the HTML code that affiliate can use to embed the banner and affiliate link.

The basic form is [affiliates_banner] which renders all published banners.

See the Banners section for details on how to add banners.

You can place the shortcode on a page in this form to display all published banners:


If you want to display a single banner, use the id attribute.

Banner example

Visit the Affiliates > Banner section and copy the shortcode displayed in the Shortcode column. The shortcode with the id is also displayed when you add a new banner or when you edit an existing one.

Here is an example for a banner whose id is : 142

[affiliates_banner id="142"]

Banner listing

You can use the render attribute to show only the banner image or the HTML code:

Banner shortcode example

[affiliates_banner id="142" render="image"] 

[affiliates_banner id="142" render="code"]


Banner shortcode output

You can use the url attribute to link the banner image to a specific URL:

[affiliates_banner id="142" url=""]