The Tree shows the Groups hierarchies.


Groups hierarchy

create-advanced-groupTo restrict access to your posts or pages based on capability inheritance:

  1. Create the desired Group (child group)
  2. Assign the child group its corresponding capability or capabilities
  3. Select the Parent Group
  4. The subgroup inherits the capabilities of its parent group.

Let’s assume Basic is the Parent Group and Advanced the Child Group, a subgroup.


In this example, there’re two groups: Basic (with the basic capability) and Advanced (which has the advanced capability assigned and inherits the basic capability from its parent).


As groups inherit the capabilities of their parent groups, the Advanced group inherits the capabilities of the Basic group.

In the below example, Abraham belongs to the Advanced group and through his membership has permission to access pages protected with the advanced capability.


As the Advanced group is a subgroup of Basic, Abraham can also access pages protected with the basic capability.