Starting a Newsletter Campaign

Key concepts used:Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 11.17.37

  • Stories are used to compose newsletters.
  • Newsletters are comprised of stories.
  • Campaigns send out newsletters.

Unlike your average newsletter system, Groups Newsletters combines multiple stories in a newsletter and uses campaigns to send out one or more newsletters to their recipients. The recipients for each newsletter can be different user groups (when Groups is also used).

Let’s publish!

New StoryTo publish a simple one page newsletter to be sent to all subscribers, you would create a new story by going to Newsletters > New Story, give the story a title and write its content.

Then input the title of the newsletter in the Newsletters box, click Add and then click Publish to publish the story.

Go go Newsletters > Newsletters and make sure that the correct recipient groups are chosen for the newsletter.


New CampaignGo to Newsletters > Campaigns, click New Campaign, give your campaign a title and under Newsletters start typing in the title of the newsletter, select it and click Add.

Click Publish and then under Status click Run to start the campaign. Your campaign will start sending out emails according to the batch sending settings.

As you get comfortable working with the system, you will realize that it allows you to be a lot more flexible than just following these steps.