Affiliate Attributes

Adding attributes

In Affiliates Pro you may define attributes that determine certain advanced characteristics of an affiliate.

Manage Affiliates - Add Attributes

To add an attribute:Add new Attribute

  1. Go to Affiliates > Manage Affiliates
  2. Click the Edit icon for the desired affiliate
  3. Under Affiliate Attributes click New Attribute

Now you can define a new attribute for the affiliate from a selection of available attributes:

  • Paypal Email : add a PayPal email address per affiliateAdd new Attribute - Options
  • Referral Amount : determine an individual commission per affiliate
  • Referral Amount Method
  • Referral Rate : determine an individual commission rate per affiliate
  • Coupons : you can assign coupons to affiliates
  • Cookie Expiration : this allows to specify a cookie expiration different from the referral timeout for individual affiliates

Editing Attributes

To edit an attribute, go to Affiliates > Manage Affiliates and click the Edit icon for the desired affiliate. Under Affiliate Attributes click the Edit icon to update the attribute’s Value.

Edit Attributes

Remove affiliate attributes

To remove an attribute go to Affiliates > Manage Affiliates, click the Edit icon for the desired affiliate and under Affiliate Attributes click the Remove icon for the attribute to remove. Confirm your decision by clicking Remove.