Affiliate registration

Visitors can sign up with the affiliate program when registration is enabled for the site and the affiliate registration form has been placed on a page or as a widget. See Affiliate Registration Form and Pages on how to set up a registration form. New affiliate account status can be either Active or Pending. This status can be altered under Affiliates > Manage Affiliates.

When a visitor is interested in joining the affiliate program, they fill in the registration form and receive an email message indicating the username and password that allows them to log in.


Registration notification

The site administrator will receive an email indicating that a new user has been registered at the site as well as an email indicating that a new affiliate has joined the affiliate program.

Registration form

This setting provides the following default fields which can be disabled but not removed:

  • first_name : The affiliate’s first name.
  • last_name : The affiliate’s surname.
  • user_login : The user login. The user’s email address will be used if this field is disabled.
  • user_email : This is required registration information and thus the main field.
  • password : The affiliate can choose their own access password. If this field is not enabled, a password will be generated automatically.

Field labels are shown on the registration form, affiliate profile and user profile.

affiliate registration form

You can also add any extra field you may need to include in the registration form. Field names are all lower case letters, numbers and underscores. Examples: street, city, country, tax_id, company, phone …

Affiliate Registration Form Fields Example