Create a new page and embed the following shortcode:

[affiliates_affiliate_profile /]

This shortcode allows the use of the following attributes:

    • show_name 
      "true" : show first and last name (default)
      "" : don’t show them
    • edit_name 
      "true" : lets the user edit their first and last name
      "" : don’t allow affiliate to edit (default)
    • show_email 
      Similar to show_name but for the affiliate’s email.
    • edit_email
      Similar to edit_name but for the affiliate’s email.
    • show_attributes 
      "attr1,attr2,..." : a comma-separated list of ids.
      Shows these attributes to the affiliate. Among supported ids are:
      paypal_email, referral_amount, referral_rate, coupons 
    • edit_attributes
      "attr1,attr2,..." : a comma-separated list of ids
      Attributes that the affiliate can edit. For example you could allow the affiliate to edit the paypal_email. Normally other attributes should not need any editing capability granted to the affiliates, especially not commission amounts or rates.