The reports that are outlined here are intended for use by affiliate managers. They are available under the corresponding items of the Affiliates menu. The reports cover summarized overviews, periodic totals, statistical data related to visits, transactions and conversions.

Affiliates Overview

The overview provided under Affiliates > Affiliates features statistical data and charts that represent referrals, individual visits and overall hits on affiliate links for a given date range. It also includes information on overall performance related to referrals and clicks.

Visits and Referrals

The report available under Affiliates > Visits & Referrals provides information on daily visits, hits, referrals and conversion ratio. Filters allow to restrict the data that is included and to expand additional information.

Affiliates and Referrals

The report under Affiliates > Affiliates & Referrals provides statistics per affiliate, including the number of visitors, hits, referrals and conversion ratio. The included filters can be used to limit the data considered and to expand what is shown with additional information.


Under Affiliates > Traffic we can find details about the link traffic that partners drive to the site through the use of their affiliate links.

Each entry represents a particular hit and provides details as available. This will include information about the date, the related affiliate, the IP of the visitor, referrals or conversions that could be traced back to the particular hit, the URLs involved and the user agent of the browser that the visitor used. Depending on the traffic, the Source URI or Landing URI can be unknown and may show as empty.

  • The Date of the hit.
  • The related Affiliate.
  • The visitor’s IP address.
  • The number of Referrals or conversions that could be traced back directly to the hit.
  • The Source URI, when available, indicates the page that referred the hit, i.e. where the traffic originated from.
  • The Landing URI, when available, indicates the page that the hit referred to, i.e. where the traffic lead to.
  • The User Agent provides information about the browser that the visitor used to visit the site.

Filters can be used to reduce the set of results shown, including those that lead from Source URIs containing partial matches or leading to Landing URIs containing partial matches. Moreover, the referral status or a minimum number of referrals can be indicated, to reduce the set of entries shown to those that have produced referrals matching those conditions.


The section Affiliates > Referrals provides detailed information about conversions related to transactions, the affiliates and commission amounts involved and the status of the referrals. In this section you can also add referrals manually, edit existing referrals and remove them. The section also provides a set of filters that allows to narrow the referrals included based on particular criteria selected. It further allows to expand details on the referrals shown.

For extended information about this report please refer to the documentation section on Managing Referrals.


The report under Affiliates > Totals provides information on accumulated commissions and is used to prepare payments for affiliates. The section provides several filters that you can use to restrict the totals included to a particular time period, referral status and currency. The data can also be restricted to particular affiliates or requiring a minimum accumulated amount.

The section also provides facilities to export the data and generate mass payment files.

For details on using this report to handle your affiliate payments, please refer to the documentation section on Totals.