The [affiliates_dashboard_overview] shortcode displays the overview section, which includes interactive graphs showing hits, visits, referrals and earnings for a chosen time period.

Simply place the shortcode on a page to obtain the overview:

The dashboard overview section displaying hits and the link tool.

Affiliates can switch between graphs by simply hovering (or tapping) the desired subsection. There are several options to choose a predefined date range or to request a custom date range. In Affiliates Enterprise, affiliates can choose one of their campaigns to show campaign-specific data.

This section also includes the link tool that affiliates can use to create links to any page of the site. The link tool provides the URL that the affiliate can use to refer visitors. It allows to paste any URL and generates the corresponding affiliate link.

This feature is also available in Affiliates Enterprise, where an optional campaign can also be selected to create campaign-specific links.