Use this shortcode to embed an affiliate registration form on a page. This will display any enabled fields as defined in the Registration settings.

The shortcode allows the use of the following attributes:

  • is_widget : If the shortcode is used in a widget, this must be set to "true". The default is "false".
  • registered_profile_link_text : Profile link text to be displayed for registered affiliates.
  • registered_profile_link_url : Profile link URL for registered affiliates.
  • redirect : Whether to redirect after registration, default to "false". and should be set to "true" if a redirect using the redirect_to="..." attribute is desired.
  • redirect_to : Redirection URL used to redirect to a page after registration. Used when redirect="true".
  • terms_post_id : Indicate the ID of the post that displays the terms and conditions of your affiliate program. A link to this post is displayed automatically.

Example: Assuming your terms and conditions page has an ID of 5, use the following shortcode to embed the registration form outlining the terms and conditions on that page:

[affiliates_registration terms_post_id="5"/]

To display the information provided in the registration form to an affiliate, you can use the [affiliates_fields] shortcode. You can also allow affiliates to modify their information with it.