The [documentation_categories] shortcode renders a list of links to the document categories. Use it to display all or part of your document categories and help your users to list their related documents by clicking on the links that are rendered for each category. The Document Categories widget is similar to this shortcode.


  • child_of : Use this option to indicate a category id and show its children; by default this is empty, showing all categories.
  • depth : This is used to indicate the number of levels to include from the root level. It defaults to "0" (zero) including all categories at root level (this option only works when hierarchical is enabled).
  • hide_empty : Use this to hide or show empty categories; the default is “yes” hiding document categories that have no related documents. Use "no" to also show document categories that are empty.
  • hierarchical : Determines whether the list is flat or shows child document categories indented (like a tree). The default is "yes", indicate "no" to show a flat list.
  • order : Can be “ASC” or “DESC” for ascending or descending order.
  • orderby : Allowed values are "name", "slug", "id" and "description". The document categories shown will be sorted based on that.
  • show_count : Use this to show the number of documents in each document category. The default is "no", use "yes" to show the counts.

Example. To show all document categories up to the second level (i.e. including also children of the root categories) in a hierarchy, to include empty categories and to show the document count per category, use:

[documentation_categories depth="2" hide_empty="no" show_count="yes"]