The Documentation plugin provides several shortcodes that you can use in your content. Similar to the widgets, these shortcodes allow you to show links to documents and links to document categories.

Use them to offer an outlook on your documentation on any page, to build hierarchical views and to facilitate navigation between documents.

You can also use these shortcodes with Content Blocks provided through Widgets Control for a highly flexible way to show parts of the relevant documentation depending on the context or part of the hierarchy that the visitor is viewing.

Please refer to the following sections for details on each shortcode:


Anyhow, here is a brief overview of the available shortcodes …


Lists documents and is the equivalent to the Documents widgets.


This is the shortcode-equivalent to the Document Hierarchy widget, providing a means of navigating the documentation structure.


This is the shortcode-equivalent to the Document Children widget.


Renders a dynamic search form. The form provides search results in the form of links to documents, while the user types in the form’s search field.


This shortcode renders a list of links to the document categories. Use it to display all or part of your document categories and help your users to list their related documents by clicking on the links that are rendered for each category.