The [documentation_documents] shortcode lists documents and is the equivalent to the Documents widget.


  • category : Show documents in one or more categories. Provide a comma-separated list of document category slugs, names or IDs or use {current} to include documents related to the document category archive page viewed.
  • category_id : Show documents in one or more categories, given by their ID. The value of the attribute can be empty, or a comma-separated list of document category IDs or {current}.
  • category_children : Whether to include documents that are related to the given categories’ children (via the category or category_id attributes), possible values are “yes” and “no” (default).
  • number : Defaults to -1 to display an unlimited number of documents, or indicate any number to limit the number of documents to display.
  • order : Use ASC or DESC to show documents in ascending or descending order.
  • orderby : What criterion is used to sort the documents listed. Defaults to title and can be name, author, date, title, modified, menu_order, parent, id, rand (for random order) and comment_count (sort by number of comments related to a document).
  • show_author : Whether to show the author or not, possible values are “yes” and “no” (default).
  • show_comment_count : Whether to show the number of comments, possible values are “yes” and “no” (default).
  • show_date : Whether to show the document’s date, possible values are “yes” and “no” (default).