The [documentation_search_form] shortcode renders a dynamic search form. The form provides search results in the form of links to documents, while the user types in the form’s search field.

The shortcode only searches in titles by default, here is an example to make it search in content, too:

[documentation_search_form content="yes"]


  • content : enable or disable searching in content; disabled by default, "yes" enables
  • excerpt : enable or disable searching in excerpts; disabled by default, "yes" enables
  • limit : number of search results, defaults to 10
  • order"ASC" or "DESC" for ascending or descending order
  • order_by"title" (default), "date""ID" or "rand" (for random order)
  • title : enable or disable searching in titles; enabled "yes" by default, "no" disables

We also highly recommend to use Search Live for a more flexible search form.