Groups Newsletters

Add the new plugin you have received and make sure that you follow the installation instructions.

After that proceed to activate the Groups Newsletters plugin.


Powerful but optional: Install and activate the Groups plugin.

Groups Newsletters can be used alone or together with Groups to produce targeted newsletters. Among the reasons to use Groups along with Groups Newsletters you may find:

  • You want to send specific newsletters to a subset of the site’s users. For example. if you have a Premium group to which users who have purchased premium access to the site belong and you want to send out a newsletter offering them a special discount.
  • You maintain groups for specific products or services and want to make their users aware of a new feature or bug fix without sending the same information to normal subscribers.
  • Communicating with departments in a company – send out specific news that is relevant for those working in one department.
  • CRM – target valuable information at customer groups.
  • Leagues & teams – send out information on events relevant to specific groups, for example by sport, by team, by association …
  • To quickly create a Story Editors group for users who should be allowed to handle newsletters.

For regular subscribers, you can work without Groups.

In any case, to use Groups:

If you have not done so already, install and activate the Groups plugin following the installation instructions.